Yes. At Wealden laser clinic we use the Cynosure Elite IQ which is a medical grade laser. It has the most advanced technology which allows a safe and effective treatment for any skin type.

Unfortunately, not. Blonde, grey, white, and red hairs do not produce any pigment. The laser is attracted to pigment so treating these hairs would not be effective.

The number of treatments completely depends on the individual. It is dependent on may factors. Including the area being treated, medications, hormones, and the type of hair etc. We would recommend a minimum of a 6-session course. This is usually the minimum number of treatments to achieve desired results. You will have a 4–6-week gap between treatments depending on the area we are treating. At your consultation your experienced practitioner will estimate the number of sessions you will need.

Yes, always book in for a consultation before your first treatment. We will carry out a patch test in your consultation.

Usually not, slight prickling would be the extent of the pain from this treatment. But this completely depends on the individual’s sensitivity, the hair type and the area being treated. The Cynosure Elite IQ operates with a cooling device that blasts cold air on the area being treated which makes the procedure as comfortable as it can by the cold air creating a numbing effect.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding laser hair removal is not recommended. You can proceed with laser as soon as you have finished breastfeeding.